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You don’t want to be in classes where there are tens of other students. You also don’t want to learn on your own from a software. You want personalised attention from your instructor. We understand that. So we have designed our classes and the curriculum in a way that you will not just find high quality but also that your instructor really cares about your success. We allow no more than 5 students in a class so everyone gets the attention that they deserve. You will find your instructor chasing you for your own success. We bet that you can’t find such instructors anywhere else.

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the language learning school is committed to provide quality training across the board

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Public Speaking

Afraid of holding mike and standing on a stage? Well not anymore! At ACL, we train you how to ace the stage

Mock Interview Session

Get a life like experience of interviews with tips and tactics on how to crack a real time interview by our experts.

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Learn how to voice your opinions without being biased in our specialized group discussion classes

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  • Speak English Fluently and Excel in Your Career
  • Simple and Practical Techniques to Speak English
  • Concise Assignments to Practice English
  • Fix Common English Errors to Speak and Write Precise English
  • Fix Common Pronunciation Mistakes and Speak English Confidently
  • Develop Communication Skills to Impress Others
  • Improve Listening Skills to Comprehend Others
English Improves Your Quality of Life.

English brings up a whole new world of entertainment to you. You won’t have to rely on translation, and you’ll appreciate the realistic patterns. Being fluent in English allows one to appreciate all forms of entertainment; there is no language barrier, thus one is free to connect Bollywood and Hollywood theatre. As in the present era, our lives revolve around social media, and the majority of the content created on the internet is written in English. So understanding English will allow you to gain access to a wealth of material that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

English is the most simple and interesting language to learn.

Learning English is, in fact, a piece of cake. You would have a language barrier if you were from a specific country or state, but English allows you to be diverse. You can exchange feelings with a large number of people because it is difficult to master all regional languages, thus it is best to study a language that is spoken all over the world.

English is considered a business language.

It makes no difference whether you live in an English-speaking or non-English-speaking country. Poor grammar and a limited vocabulary can seriously harm your influence with consumers who are fluent in English, and if you intend to expand your business internationally, you’ll need solid English just as much as you need it personally. This is why most business studies are conducted in English so that you can grasp it from beginning to end.

English is essential at all stages of life.

We’ve all grown up hearing how crucial English is for survival. In this modern day, it is apparent that there is no location that has not been influenced by English, whether we are talking about professional or personal life. English polishes our personalities and allows us to achieve our goals. If you want to get an interview or if you want to get good grades in school, or if you want to be famous in society, you must be fluent in English.